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Rockstar ideas …

I’ve woken today with a mind bubbly with ideas.

Idea 1 … relates to my post below titled BACKYARD regarding not overlooking my home city, my missing what’s under my nose, forgetting to look at the tress rather than the forest. My new project is called …


what better way to potter around Adelaide than on a pushy , I am in love with the new VINTAGE style pushbikes, oh they are so divine. Perhaps this is an excuse to buy myself a little number , I mean, I need a cool bike for my project , rather than my not so cool or stylish Mountain bike.  And equally as exciting, to experiment with different cameras and mediums. I get in this rut, or mindset, that because I have a Nikon mega yummy DSLR, that that is the only way to go.  I recently went to Melbourne with some fantastic photographers and they were pulling out Lomos and Holgas and Dianas … and I was all drooling at the mouth. See, all this stuff keeps us alive and thinking and trying new bits n bobs.

Oh IDEA 2 … I am rather pumped at the idea of getting together perhaps 4 or 5 of Adelaides female photographers and having an exhibition together ( when my little buddy Shona gets home from London, France, Morroco.)

Hmmmmm … 5 chics  5 cameras        

I dunno’   … sumthin’ like that …  Ive already got some clever little gals in mind              

Jumps up in the air, yay

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