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ooh la lah …

Holga images by various artists

I am a wee tad excited , have just ordered my very first HOLGA … * pees pants *  … it’s YELLOW , ( oh the camera that is, eow   ) 120, Custom Built and on it’s way all the way from the US. I googled for hours, I ummed and I aghhhed …

Randy from was a legend, promises my Holg to be tricked up and with extra bling … ” bless ” , thankyou my friend 🙂

Thankyou to the Tubby guy in Red , my Christmas present , didn’t even need to sit on his lap … phew !!!

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  1. Hey you!
    Randy from Holgamods “was” a legend?
    Last time I checked, I still am 🙂

    4:37 AM, can’t sleep, here I sit, finding myself looking through your photos.
    What an incredible talent you are Kerin.

    It’s people like Kerin and her joy of photography that makes the long hours, no weekends, can’t remember my last vacation, all seem worth it.

    I’m honored to be building your first Holga.

    Thanks friend!

    December 13, 2009
    • 0h yes … woops … ” IS ” a legend … !!!

      Stop wasting time at 4.37am looking at pics and posting messages , go and build Helga the Yellow Holga …
      Just jokes , thanks for your cool words which make me humbled

      700 – 800 Holga’s a month , cripes , I am a late bloomer !!!

      Have fun … and oh … by the way …take a holiday , life is short 🙂

      December 13, 2009

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