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A Pro A Mug 2 Iphones Week 9

And so … Brad and I are up to week 9. And still having a ball. This week mine are random, there is no theme that ties them together except by chance they all ended up with a ” blue / green ”  theme / tone. Mine were shot in Port Adelaide where I live and work, some suberbs and Adelaide CBD.   I love this project so much I am even blowing off my fav show ” 60 Minutes ” to post … incredible. Today I shot some stuff for next week which ws so much fun and I got some ” crackers ” shall I say.  And it was my day off and I was still running about shooting Pro Mug stuff … nuts , I shall say 🙂

Brad’s this week were shot in Cooly ( Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Queensland ) where he lives and where he is happiest. He was experimenting with different apps, lenses and film and came up with this monotone look that feels like images out of the early 1900’s perhaps. That is my thoughts. I love the first two I have posted if I need to choose my favs. I love how Brad plays around with a completely different look from one week to the next.

You can view more of Brad’s lovely images which are growing and evolving week by week at …  ( web ) and  ( blog )   

Ta dah … see you next week . Enjoy , be happy and grateful , Kerin xxx

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