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A Pro A Mug 2 Iphones Week 11 …

This week I decided to go with a beach theme. I used various apps, all of which I can’t remember !  Just a combination of everything !!!  Again, it’s all a game and the results a little unexpected … I am little under the weather today with a cold that’s making me ” grumpy ” , hence I am not as chatty as normal !!!

Mine were taken at Semaphore, Grange, Glenelg, Largs and Henley Beach, Adelaide South Australia which are all within 30 minutes of my home in Port Adelaide.

Please enjoy the fun , the game …

When Brad emailed his images to me a few hours ago, I was very impressed. Brad trys each week to come up with completely different looks using various Apps. He is the king ( almost said Queen , woops ) of researching, googling and learning. Of course I don’t just mean on Iphone Apps. As a ” Mug ” embarking on a career in photography, he is as curious as toddler in a refreshing and delightful way. He experiments and evolves weekly, which both inspires and propels me. Brad’s images were shot on the coast around his home, Rainbow Bay, Snapper Rocks, Point Danger and Froggy Beach.   ( web )  ( blog )

Ok, so there you have it , please enjoy. I am off to relax on the couch and kick this silly head cold to Timbuctoo . Until next week , be curious and experiment …    Kerin x

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