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Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards 2010

I have just returned from a happy, fun and successful weekend in Melbourne. It was that time again, the National Professional Photography Awards which is always a NAILBITING yet INSPIRING time. My results , I am bit proud pants of and pleased  with as the Nationals are hard hard hard and the real deal. I received TWO SILVER DISTINCTIONS and ONE SILVERWoot Woot !!!  They are judged and scrutinized  by a panel of judges /  highly respected and Award Winning photographers and members of the AIPP. It is like having your heart on a flippin’ chopping board. I am now one point off being a MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER which is my biggy goal. Next year I hope 🙂

I am also proud of and happy for my  friends and colleagues who were there are also entered and did well. Even to those that didn’t quite get there, been there done that, we are winners for just entering I reckon. Go South Aussie !!!!  

Here’s to Sydney APPAs in 2011 !!!

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