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Bike joy

8 weeks ago I started a fitness journey and also bought a new racer. I used to be very fit and always had exercise up there with a ” not negotiable ” part of my day. I pretty much didn’t function without my gym, bike and beach to walk or run on.  Over the last couple of years, things have gone a little skew wiff on a personal front. In trying to deal with the loss of my Dad all I did was work. Non stop. All the time. It was my coping mechanism. I love my work and my career. LOVE IT. But I also know you need a balance and exercise is AMAZING for feeling great and happy.  So I kinda hit a big wall, things came to a head within myself and I decided … enough was enough.

And so my goal for the 4 week mark was to do the Mt Lofty Summit Climb. A popular hike in Adelaide. I did that and have done it almost twice a week since. It burns over double my daily calorie burn goal. My 8 week goal was to ride to Glenelg and back, from my place at Port Adelaide. A 35 km round trip. Not really much, but for me a milestone. I have been doing 20km loops from my home along the beach. And so today I rode to Glenelg and back and LOVED it. I took snaps of my bike along the way when I stopped briefly for water or to have a coffee : )    …  boring probably for others but fun for me …

west lakes


        Grange Beach


Glenelg  …. yay  … coffee !!!!

Henley Beach … homeward bound

Home sweet home

Cals burnt 🙂

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