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No camera allowed on hiking !!

One of my FAVOURITE things to do to unwind is to go Hiking. Just me, my hiking boots and nature. Sometimes I go with a friend, often I go alone. I love the space and the beauty. I don’t take my camera because I try to be at peace with just seeing, rather than shooting.  I do find it a struggle, some days more than others because I see stunning things. As I carry my Iphone, occasionally I cannot help myself : )   !!!


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  1. Hey Kerin, thank you for these pics , they’re absolute beautiful (‘ ^-^). My faves are number 8 and 13. 8 is like a fairy tale illustration and 13 is just plain cute, with the two kangaroos, so sweet (^-^ ;), Best, Alyx

    May 18, 2012
    • Thankyou Alyx, happy you enjoyed, especially the cutey kangas 🙂
      Kerin xo

      May 18, 2012

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