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First Look 2 … Katrina and Sam

Katrina and Sam’s lovely wedding day I posted sometime back but am now trying to post larger FIRST LOOK posts. So this is ” First Look 2 ” 😉  … hee hee

Please enjoy, Kerin xx

KS_0006 KS_0034 KS_0051 KS_0143 KS_0202 KS_0227 KS_0253 KS_0265 KS_0278 KS_0307 KS_0318 KS_0382 KS_0385 KS_0425 KS_0426 KS_0550 KS_0575 KS_0593 KS_0608 KS_0705 KS_0725 KS_0781 KS_0799 KS_0817 KS_0840 KS_0844 KS_0877 KS_0897 KS_0972 KS_1003 KS_1036 KS_1075 KS_1093 KS_1099 KS_1279 KS_1283 KS_1314_1 copy KS_1322 KS_1473 KS_1500 KS_1560 KS_1608 KS_1620 KS_1637 KS_1701 KS_1706 KS_1736 KS_1773 KS_1790 KS_1803 KS_1908 KS_1919 KS_1929 KS_1950 KS_2005 KS_2011 KS_2020

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